WWE’s Product Declining

WWE needs to fix their overall company product soon, or their company might not be around for too long.

If you’ve been paying attention to the WWE product as of late, you’ll probably have realized that it’s declining. No compelling or thrilling storylines are being produced. To make it worse, no legitimate main event wrestlers are being created. If Vince McMahon continues to allow this to happen, then the company will surely go under.

Some people instantly start pointing fingers at the PG rating that WWE has decided to go after. If you fall under this category of WWE fans, then it’s time you stopped lying to yourself. WWE has been family friendly for its entire time in business except for the 5 year Attitude era phase which the company had to enter in order to survive.

If Vince really wanted to, he can easily create compelling storylines for his shows. He’s even proved this in the past in the 1980s to 90s. But the stuff that has been put on television for the last three years, has been of very low quality to say the least.

It seems as if the creative team quickly throws the storylines together at the last minute without much creative thought. It’s clearly evident because of the declining PPV buy-rates every year. In fact, this year the numbers fell an alarming 16%. WWE’s investors weren’t too impressed.

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Another problem is that WWE focuses on no other division aside from the main event. Every other division in the company (mid-card, diva’s tag team, etc) is no longer relevant. This is a horrible way to do business. This is one of the main reasons why WCW fell.

Creating new main event wrestlers also seems to be a problem for WWE. Wrestlers that clearly have so much potential are either rushed to soon into the main event scene or they never get the chance to get their. I’m not sure why WWE isn’t using the slow progression root which is how they’ve produced most of their main-stream wrestlers. It involves slowly building up the credibility of a wrestler and once their at the main event level, they can easily break into it.

If WWE had been doing that for the past three years, then there wouldn’t be a shortage of main event stars in the company right now.

WWE seriously needs to revamp their product if they wish to survive. The solution doesn’t look to difficult; it just seems as if Vince has lost the motivation to produce a quality wrestling show.

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