Why Can’t I Get The Law of Attraction To Work For Me?

I get asked more about this subject than any other and it is one of the most difficult to explain in a manner that people really know and understand how to apply it in their life.

Many of my readers worldwide ask me why they can’t seem to get the Law of Attraction to work for them.

They read, study, and practice what many teachers tell them to do and they still cannot manifest their desires in life.

The answer is simple and I’m going to be blunt about it.

You cannot control the Law of Attraction unless you can control your mind! Period!

Your Ego probably doesn’t like this statement and will tell you it’s not true. Your Ego will allow you to read this Whisper but it will attempt to have it dismissed from your mind and filed away and move you on to other thoughts.

As always, it is your choice to read this, then know it, then apply it into your life.

Many so-called ‘gurus’ sell the Law of Attraction as a sexy new way to get what you want in life. And they make tons of money with their courses and programs.

There is no doubt the Law of Attraction is real, it always works without fail, and is at your disposal on demand.

But you have to have a high enough level of control of your mind to make it work.

Albert Einstein said, “You cannot solve any problem with the same mindset that created it!”

That is SO TRUE!

Once you learn HOW to think the proper way and begin to control your mind for periods of time you gain access to the limitless potential of everything you want in life through a change in your mindset.

In our world today our attention spans are practically non-existent and seem to be getting shorter all the time in the high tech society we live in.

This seemingly magical source called the Law of Attraction is a proven fact of quantum science studies and is available to us as a Natural Law similar to the Law of Gravity.

You know for a fact that if you trip and fall the Law of Gravity is going to cause you to hit the ground.

The Law of Attraction is just as powerful and real as the Law of Gravity.

It basically states that what you focus the majority of your thoughts on, what you focus your feelings on the most, and how you usually act is exactly what type of circumstances, conditions, events, people, and style of life you will attract and live with on a daily, weekly, yearly basis.


Again, the Law of Attraction never fails to work, affects every person on the planet, and is a proven scientific fact!

We may not understand all the scientific principles of it but that doesn’t change the fact that it works. And therefore, it has rules.

Rule one… you must control your mind and thoughts. There is no point in learning Rule two if you can’t get past Rule one.

Your Ego didn’t like that did it?

The fact is your thoughts and feelings and actions have defined exactly the type of life you are living as you read these words.

Where you are now is a direct result of all your past thoughts, feelings, and actions you have taken up to this point.

You need to believe and accept this truth and you need to KNOW it is your reality! Think hard about this for a moment. Observe where you are right now in life.

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